Okinawan Karate online lessons

Introducing the karate of Hanashiro Chomo

Through this website I present a series of in-depth video courses covering the karate of Hanashiro Chomo; one of the art’s foremost progenitors on Okinawa.

Preserving eighteen kata of the Shuri tradition, this online project presents the earliest versions of several popular karate kata practised today. Accompanied with complete bunkai and auxiliary exercises, this content is already ‘filling in the gaps’ for karate-ka seeking a fuller understanding of their art’s origins.

You can learn more about this project and what qualifies me to present it here.
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Choose a tier to suit your level of interest

I offer three levels of subscription to suit your interest. Each tier is charged monthly and offers a range of benefits.

I’ve written about the Hanashiro Kata Project, and what it includes here.
These online courses have been designed with beginners and advanced karateka in mind. Your investment directly supports me to keep creating quality content and together we’ll build a nourishing study group that already has members on four continents.



(apprx £4.50)

For the price of a coffee you help support my work and gain access to premium articles, a private members group and monthly live stream Q&A.

+ Premium Articles
+ Members Group
+ Live Q&A



(apprx £17)


The equivalent of a light lunch, become part of a special study group exploring the original kata of Hanashiro Chomo. In addition to the previous tier’s benefits you get instant access to:

+ Detailed kata tutorials
+ Bunkai sessions
+ Tracked progress
+ Direct email contact



(apprx £43)

This is for those wanting a more guided practice with direct 1-1 mentoring in the Hanashiro forms. You receive all of the previous tier benefits plus:

+ Weekly check-ins
+ 40mins Video Call
+ Bonus Health Tutorials


Special Offer*

The first 10 Aji Memberships will receive a limited Special Edition copy of my forthcoming book: Hanashiro Chomo Okinawan Karate Kyohan, detailing the master’s life, techniques & twelve selected kata.



Airbnb Adventure Karate

Looking for a Karate Adventure?

Now that international travel restrictions are easing I’m able to offer a unique personal training experience from my place at the foot of the Serra da Lousa mountains.

Travel alone or as a small group of up to three friends and receive 4-hours a day personalised tuition in a fresh pine forest valley.

  • Unlock new potentials in your training
  • Explore advanced principles of kata & bunkai
  • Reconnect with your karate in nature

Accommodation, breakfast & 4hrs training included. Airport transfers available.