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Karate is a martial art distinct to the culture of Okinawa, a subtropical island to the south of Japan. Training in karate improves health and vitality through techniques suited to self-defence, including punches, strikes, kicks and throws. 

Traditionally these methods are presented through the practise of kata, a series of linked sequential movements in a choreographed form. Different karate styles preserve different kata which codify the fundamental movement dynamics and strategies of their school.

Through this website I introduce three core practises of the Shuri-ti tradition; the oldest on Okinawa. Individually they will enrich your existing martial arts journey or can be studied collectively to form a comprehensive online course in Okinawan Karate with beginners in mind.

Benefits of Karate

Karate develops strength, suppleness and stamina in the muscles, connective tissues and vital systems, while mentally quietening the mind to bring clarity of thought.

Continued practise sharpens the senses and restores balance to an overworked immune system.

For this online course no special equipment is required and a floorspace of approximately 2sqm is sufficient.

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Shuri Sanchin

“Shuri-Te Sanchin is the version of sanchin kata handed down from Matsumura Sokon and preserved at the Bugeikan. Regardless of style or affiliation this is a practise that is sure to interest all serious karate-ka, if only as a firsthand glimpse into an historic kata rarely seen in public.”

This online masterclass in Shuri-Te Sanchin presents almost 2hrs of detailed instruction and practise material covering a number of subtle and fundamental principles of Okinawan Karate rarely taught in mainstream dojos today.