Learn Karate Online

Learn Karate Online

There are many websites you can learn karate online. Here I offer a personalised and health conscious approach based on my own experiences training as the private student to one of the art’s most senior teachers on Okinawa.

Initially devised as a study aid for former trainees of my dojo in the UK, I now offer this online content for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. 

Karate online enables you to train at a time and pace convenient to you. Read on to discover more about this unique site, or engage with a sample lesson to see if this platform is a good fit for you. 

Okinawa – Island of Karate

Okinawa – Island of Karate

To the south of Japan a trail of jungle forested islands stretch out into the azure waters, forming a natural division between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea. The largest of these is Okinawa, the birthplace of karate.

Today karate is more known as a competitive sport, but in its original form it is a life-art for health and defence. 

In fact, Okinawa is sometimes more widely known for the health and longevity of its inhabitants. In 2000 there were four times as many people aged over a hundred years on Okinawa enjoying healthy and active lifestyles. Karate has been a contributing factor in this. 

Anyone can practise karate, young or old, and you don’t need to be ‘fit’ to start as karate will make you fit. 

Meet your Tutor

Meet Your Tutor

My name is Joel Reeves and I’ve been training in karate for over thirty-five years. This includes extensive periods living and training in Japan and Okinawa.

In 2015 I published ‘The Karate-ka: A search for the old to understand the new’, which spans twenty years and my transition from a mainstream karate style (Shotokan), to trace the origins of the art on Okinawa.

In addition to karate I work as a professional Shiatsu Therapist. Naturally this influences my approach enabling me to help you develop a practise suited directly to your needs. 


What do you want to do?

I offer three options for you to engage with this site.

Whether a beginner or existing karate-ka I’m confident you will find the monthly bushi membership an enriching experience for just €15 a month. For this investment you gain full access to masterclass tutorials and premium articles.



For the price of a coffee you help support my work and gain access to premium articles, a private members group and monthly live stream Q&A.

+ Premium Articles
+ Members Group
+ Live Q&A



(apprx £12 / $17)


The equivalent of a light lunch, become part of a special study group exploring the original kata of Hanashiro Chomo. In addition to the previous tier’s benefits you get instant access to:

+ Detailed kata tutorials
+ Bunkai sessions
+ Tracked progress
+ Direct email contact



Enhance your training with a personal live-coaching session online.

Choose the content you want to focus on or simply have a conversation about distinct aspects of health or martial arts with a 5th dan tutor.