Hanashiro Chomo Karate Kata

The kata tutorials on this website are designed to achieve realistic progression in a home-study format.

In the early 1900’s Hanashiro Chomo was the most respected member of the karate communities in Okinawa. Despite this, very little has been known about the kata he practised or the principles of his karate. Until now. 

Long considered a ‘lost style’, the kata have now been faithfully preserved and will be presented here.

This is not a collection of ‘follow along’ kata videos but an interactive home-study program to develop real

competence and confidence in the kata of Hanashiro Chomo’s karate.

A lot of thought and consideration has gone into how best to structure this content. It’s a developing process that will be enriched by your engagement.

There are eighteen kata preserved from Hanashiro Chomo. Each month I will be uploading a new kata into the study area. When you enrol on either a Bushi or Aji subscription these will appear in your account page.

Hanashiro Chomo kata

There are eighteen kata preserved within the Hanashiro style and many of these represent some of the earliest versions of popular karate kata practised today in Shorin ryu and mainland styles like Shotokan. This makes for an interesting study subject for all serious karate-ka seeking to enrich their personal practise and understanding of the art they practise. These kata are:

  • Naihanchi shodan
  • Naihanchi nidan
  • Naihanchi sandan
  • Pinan shodan
  • Pinan nidan
  • Pinan sandan
  • Pinan yondan
  • Pinan godan
  • Seisan
  • Passai sho
  • Passai dai
  • Chinto
  • Chinte
  • Jion
  • Jin
  • Jutte
  • Niseishi
  • Kusanku

How it works

Each tutorial is a stand alone study resource that includes detailed video instructions of the kata movements, bunkai explanations of those movements and additional content including articles, auxiliary drills and assessment quizzes to support your journey.

All videos are hosted on a premium platform (Vimeo). Not only does this allow a faster streaming service with higher quality video but it also means you won’t be interrupted with distracting adverts or directed away to other content too.

The longer you remain a member the more content is added to your account and you can go back and forth to review previous kata lessons at any time. Aji members receive further gains with live video-calls to help with personal corrections and explore training concepts deeper.

Like Patreon but better

Patreon is a site that allows content creators to receive payment for their work from people interested in what they do.

However, with Patreon someone who joins a few months down the line instantly gets all the previous content for one month’s subscription, whereas those who came along for the ride from the beginning already invested significantly. From a karate point of view this doesn’t work well either because it takes time to properly ‘absorb’ the kata and their meanings through practise.

This program is really designed with karate-ka in mind who are invested in a serious exploration of their personal practise. It doesn’t matter what grade you are I’m confident the material is presented well enough for everyone to gain benefit from.

Can I just buy access to one kata as a Masterclass?

From launch this program is initially intended to nurture a community of former, existing and new members seeking to further their understanding of Hanashiro’s karate.

Once I have phase one running smoothly I will open the individual tutorials up as standalone Masterclasses as I have done before with the Shuri-te Sanchin course. However even at this point the kata will only be rolled out through the Bujin and Aji subscriptions first.

If want to study a specific form from the set the only way to do this would be 1-1 at this stage.

A polite request:

Finally, this platform is my own creation and not heavily automated so if you experience a bump in the road let me know and I’ll fix it.

One thing to consider before taking a subscription is that you are not ‘buying’ content but investing in a guided karate journey. Your monthly contribution is for ‘access’ to the content. I’m confident that you are able achieve competence using this program. When you cancel your subscription you will lose access to the e-dojo site.

By investing in this project you’re not only investing in your own karate journey but also directly support me to raise my children in a more natural setting, which has been my longterm desire of mine.

As a fellow karateka I enjoy sharing my training experiences with you but respectfully ask that you don’t make/upload copies of this content to other platforms or groups.

Thank you for your interest so far,